Mismatched objectives, lack of understanding and low levels of trust can threaten the success and development of any partnership. But a shared value partnership can create fruitful collaboration. Whilst there is no silver bullet, there are some steps you can take to pave the way for successful collaboration.

Culture & Values

Working with a managed service provider whose values and company culture align with yours can be instrumental to achieving both your short and long-term objectives. In order to achieve success, the common goals should be truly important to all partners, their mission, their strategy and their bottom line.


This may seem too obvious, but it arises from one of the most often repeated challenges. A managed service provider with experience in repairs and maintenance for social housing understands the needs of the customers as well as the commercial market. This makes them well placed to provide a convenient and efficient service enabling you to offer a high-quality service to your residents. The same words can have different meanings in different sectors, so it is essential to work to a common language.


If identified and deployed properly, the integration of knowledge and skills is the strength of a managed service partnership. You want a quilt of capabilities. A dedicated team from your managed service provider will bring expertise from the materials supply industry and provide the opportunity to utilise other organisational strengths like IT, property and business administration.

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