The Travis Perkins Managed Services Community Competition was created to support an initiative that positively impacts the local community. As a supply chain and procurement solutions company, we understand firsthand the importance of supporting community investment projects, to create a real and lasting impact in your area. TPMS is committed to sustainable housing supply chain solutions all over the UK and deliver this through efficiencies, savings and most importantly, community support.

Our latest project for the community is the Community Competition, which will award community projects with cash prizes to expand their efforts even further.

The winners of the Travis Perkins Managed Services Community Competition, in partnership with Wickes are:


1st place with a prize of £5,000 is awarded to:

Sunnyside Rural Trust in Hemel Hempstead

Travis Perkins Managed Services have chosen Sunnyside Rural Trust as the 1st prize winner of the community competition, due to their proven and ongoing successes in reducing long term unemployment. The not for profit organization supports young people and adults with learning disabilities by offering training and employment opportunities within a social enterprise setting.

They offer a wide range of employment opportunities including growing and selling fresh produce and plants from the onsite farm shop, poultry keeping and garden design and maintenance.

With the £5,000 prize fund from TP Managed Services they plan to expand, and open a community garden cafe. Over 80 people a year will benefit from on the job training to improve self esteem, confidence and reduce the likelihood of long term unemployment.

2nd place with a prize of £2,000 is awarded to:

Foundations Furniture Project in Gateshead

Travis Perkins Managed Services have chosen the Foundation Furniture Project as the 2nd prize winner of the community competition, due to their outstanding efforts in providing improved living conditions. The project provides furniture to people in distress and has done so since 1996. They help over 670 households in poverty each year by providing affordable, recycled furniture. They also provide free furniture to households in crisis, such as those who are rehomed due to homelessness or abuse.

With the support from the Foundations Furniture Project, households that were lured into payday loans and loan sharks, causing spiraling debt problems, can still live in safety, comfort and dignity.

The prize fund from TPMS will mean over 35 families will receive the support they need to improve their living conditions.

3rd place with a prize of £500 is awarded to:

Biko Green Volunteers in Liverpool

Travis Perkins Managed Services have chosen a project created by the tenants of Steve Biko Housing Association in Liverpool to receive the 3rd prize of the community competition. The initiative was created to regenerate a local green space for and built by the community. Families who join the project will learn skills in supervised weekly activities provided by qualified landscapers and mentors.

The funding from TPMS will go towards paying for facilitators, plants and gardening resources, and arts and crafts materials.

Congratulations to all our winners and we can’t wait to see the results from three fantastic initiatives. We would like to thank all that applied and look forward to continuing our efforts in supporting and investing our local communities.

For more information about how we could help your community investment succeed, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about our sustainable supply chain and procurement solutions, call 0800 169 2200 or email