Nonprofit community charity, Liverpool Six Community Association has been able to provide new school uniforms for thousands of children.

Liverpool Six has been running for over 16 years, serving some of the most deprived areas in the city. Their mission is to help as many families as they can whether that be with a food bank, housing advice or financial advice to encourage community development.

Their latest scheme, Project Uniform, was launched after identifying the difficulty some families were facing to get their children clothed for the new school term. Not only does the project alleviate the pressure for struggling parents and families it also ensures children feel equal, safe and secure in school without the worry of looking different from other children. Now in its second year, Project Uniform has delivered school uniforms to over 4,800 children whose families are living in financial distress.

Within the first few weeks of launching this years project Liverpool Six had received over 1,600 self-referrals, along with 2000 more from schools, social workers, GP’s and council officers. With each uniform bag costing approximately £100 Liverpool Six realised they had huge task ahead of them.

So they started writing to local businesses and appealing on social media for cash and clothing donations. The response to these appeal was overwhelming. Clothing companies donated lorry loads of clothing and businesses, including Travis Perkins Managed Services donated funding.

So far, over £450,000 worth of school uniform has been given to families in need and Liverpool Six are still fundraising so they can continue to support those most in need. You can find information about how to donate here

One parent said, “We feel totally embarrassed asking for help with uniforms, but after paying bills and food, there is nothing left for anything else.” Another added, “We are at the end of our tether and feel depressed and anxious at the thought of our child returning to school in worn, old uniform.”

Gerrard Woodhouse, Chief Executive of Liverpool Six Community Association said, “Never did I think 4,811 children could be supported but we did it! I would like to personally thank my staff and volunteers here at the L6 centre, without them, this could never have been achieved. Also all the business that donated uniforms and funds. Too many people to mention, but I thank you all.”

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