Hammersmith & Fulham Council in partnership with Travis Perkins Managed Services are funding the fitting of twelve solar panels on Rosaline Hall in Fulham. “Fulham Good Neighbours” are a charity that have been offering practical support and friendship to older people in Fulham since 1966.  

The Fulham Good Neighbours team support older and disabled people in their homes and gardens, in the community and at the community centre. Services offered include their ‘food to the door’ scheme and gardening services, of which all proceeds directly fund practical support to older and disabled people living in Fulham. The FGN volunteer team have recognised the need to do their bit for the climate emergency and have been crowdfunding to raise funds that will enable them to install solar panels on Rosaline Hall, the home of their Charity. Thanks to the £5000 investment from TP Managed Services, Twelve solar panels can be fitted along with the mounting systems and rewiring work that will ensure they reduce their carbon footprint. 

Travis Perkins PLC is committed to lead on decarbonising the built environment.  

As part of our supplier management programme, we’re encouraging suppliers to share the embodied carbon information in relation to their products. This will allow our customers to make more sustainable choices when deciding on the products they need. TP Managed Services are delighted to support community projects which choose a more sustainable energy source. 

The projected carbon savings per annum, following the installation of these Solar panels, is estimated to be 0.8-1.16 CO2e (tonnes). That’s the equivalent to approximately Driving 23,000 miles in the average car (once around the world) or the idea of 25 million plastic straws in our oceans. The 100 volunteers at Fulham Good Neighbours hope to be able to encourage community engagement so as to influence the use of sustainable energy domestically and commercially in the wider borough. 

Community training will be provided to a small group within their 500 attendees in order to maintain the longevity of the panels and associated mechanisms, ensuring that the charity is futureproofed and able to confidently continue with their 600 (approx)  community-based projects a month. With a projected saving of £11,429 in energy bills over the next 25 years, this money can be directly reinvested into their Digital Inclusion and Online Exercise projects which promotes inclusion within digitally-inexperienced members of the community. 

The team at Fulham Good Neighbours are extremely grateful for the donation and planned installation is due to take place in the Summer of 2022, at which time we will be looking forward to attending the hall. Director, Jamie Hilton had this to say: 

Thank you for Travis Perkins’ very generous ongoing support, which has been invaluable to our work with local older people and people with disabilities. 

These grants will fund solar panel installation at our community centre, which will enable us to reinvest savings into our community projects into the future. 

We firmly believe in promoting an inclusive community in Fulham where neighbours look out for each other. Thanks once again for sharing this ambition with all of us here at Fulham Good Neighbours.