Places Leisure, part of the Places For People Group, has launched a Covid Recovery Programme, designed to provide therapy and rehabilitation specifically for individuals who have endured COVID-19 or who have been affected by Long-COVID.

More than two million people across the UK are struggling with the effects of COVID-19. For many, their experience is transformative and far more profound than an acute cough, fever, and period of isolation.

With funding provided by Travis Perkins Managed Services, Places Leisure fitness coaches across England have received industry-accredited qualifications from the CAWS® Rebuild™ training programme. CAWS® Rebuild™ certified coaches are equipped to work with individuals recovering from COVID-19 and Long-COVID after the acute phase. Through the new, Covid Recovery Programme, Places Leisure teams are now ready to deliver community support from its participating facilities.

CAWS® is an acclaimed, industry training provider, accredited by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA). The Rebuild™ Programme was designed in direct response to the needs of individuals enduring COVID-19 and suffering with ongoing symptoms. Both CAWS® and the Rebuild™ training programme are backed by ukactive and EuropeActive.

Places Leisure’s Head of Fitness, Sarah Roberts, explains: “Thankfully, most individuals who contract COVID-19 do not require hospitalisation. However, a period of recovery and restoration is vital for anyone who experiences COVID-19. Many people push themselves too far too soon, which not only decreases their speed of recovery, but can also lead them to Long-COVID. Our Covid Recovery Programme has been designed to offer support and inform COVID patients to make the right decisions from the start, so that they can recover as quickly as possible, avoid longer-term complications and make the virus a part of their past.”

Sarah continues: “Places Leisure is ready to receive people who need help now. We are delivering support 1-2-1 and remotely. Once Government restrictions allow, we will also launch small group sessions.

Places Leisure’s CEO, Paul McPartlan added: “We are committed to supporting communities up and down thecountry, investing in bespoke programmes, training and services which help local people. In the wake of the pandemic, we have invested in even more initiatives and these funds have helped customers mitigate a myriad of issues arising from lockdown – be they financial, restricted training and education, or social isolation.

“We are incredibly proud of the COVID Recovery Programme. Through training colleagues, we can in turn support local communities for the long term, helping people rebuild their health as we move forward from the challenges of the past year.”

Kate Duckworth, Account Manager at Travis Perkins Managed Services says: “We are delighted that we have been able to support this project with Places for People and CAWS. COVID-19 has had and continues to have, a profound effect on the lives of people across the country. This is why initiatives like this are vitally important to local communities, ensuring those worst affected can go on to have healthy, happy lives.”

In addition, Places Leisure will also be offering help to local schools and employers across England to support students and employees and will be working diligently to support the outstanding work of local general practitioners and primary care groups to identify members of the community who need help.

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