The Holmewood Youth Community Engagement Project recently came to completion and was a successful social value initiative. The project, funded by Travis Perkins Managed Services, a supply chain solutions provider, and Yorkshire housing, aimed to promote healthy outdoor activity for young people without disturbing neighbours.

Both TPMS and Yorkshire housing are businesses that help the community. Investing in social value initiatives like the Holmeswood Youth Project is a great way of giving back to the community.

Yorkshire Housing received complaints for several years about disturbances. This usually involved young people playing on a family housing street with 42 properties. The nature of the complaints ranged from ball games causing property damage, car vandalism, racial abuse and bullying. In response to the concerns there were many attempts to fix the issue with no luck. Eventually a longer-term strategy, with help from the TPMS social value fund, was decided.

The Youth Association conducted 6 months of youth outreach sessions with positive results. Firstly, it was recognised that the area had higher than average levels of social deprivation.  53% of the children were living in poverty and with low parent employment rates. The project focused on offering low cost activities built on dos and don’ts from residents such as playing ball responsibly. This aimed to develop essential social and physical skills whilst respecting their neighbours.

26 sessions were delivered in total, with 50 young residents engaged in outreach work and 10 young people engaged in core work. During the 6-month period staff built up great relationships with parents across the area and overall. The community engagement project was very well received by the young people, parents and overall community. Feedback was collected and showed that:

14 out of 20 respondents consider antisocial behaviour to be low in the area.

4 out of 20 respondents consider antisocial behaviour to be medium in the area.

2 out of 20 respondents consider antisocial behaviour to be high in the area

Parents with children who attended sessions confirmed that they looked forward to them. They also agreed that the resource added value to the neighbourhood. As the social value project ended, The Youth Association has built positive relationships with young people and parents. However, it is clear that addressing long term behavioural issues required a long term sustained investment to embed the principles of social responsibility.

Travis Perkins Managed Services is proud of the TYA and success of the Holmewood Youth Community Engagement Project and looks forward to assisting the next social value initiative. We are committed to supporting various community investment projects in the UK. If you would like more information on our supply chain solutions and building procurement services then please get in touch on 0800 169 2200 or fill out our contact form.