Travis Perkins Managed Services, a supply chain and procurement solutions provider, supported two social value projects during 2016.  Both projects were completed in 2017 thanks to funds provided by Travis Perkins Managed Services via the One City Trust Main Grant Programme and the City of Edinburgh Council’s Community Benefit Fund.

Bridgend inspiring growth (BIG), received a grant of £5,836 plus building materials to support individual projects, general works and land developments. FENIKS, Leith Conservation cafés, received a grant of £7,715 to improve integration and reduce isolation of migrants by implementing various projects.

Learn more about each social value project below.

Bridgend Farmhouse Community Renovation Project

BIG is a local community owned and managed charitable organisation situated in Edinburgh South, who’s aim was to renovate the Bridgend Farmhouse to create a community hub and encourage togetherness for locals and the wider community.

During the renovation works on the Farmhouse, volunteers required a meeting place to discuss plans for the renovations. So, by using recycled materials, they built a meeting place in the garden area. The volunteers also carried out various other tasks, which included painting and decorating, building workbenches, planting fruit trees, and providing a community mural.

After renovation works to bring the Farmhouse back to its original historic appearance were completed, plans were put in place to turn the Farmhouse into a community hub. A training Kitchen and café was developed, coupled with a multi-purpose community spaces. Users can gain training, qualifications, and skills in producing healthy low-cost food as well as use the space for a variety of community activities.

A diverse group of up to 80 participants worked together throughout the year putting in place plans to achieve their proposed goals.  Feedback from the volunteers was positive, with many feeling an increased sense of belonging and increased confidence in communication.

Feniks Leith Conversation Café Project

The aim of this project was to bring the different nationalities and cultures of Leith together through hosted local conversations cafes. A team of volunteers and service users aimed to host 3 conservation sessions a week in 3 different community cafes. Up to 15 people attended each of the sessions where the size and diversity of the groups increased weekly with participants coming from countries such as Armenia, Brazil, China and Oman.

The hosts planned topics for discussion at each of the sessions in advance to allow preparation for those with limited English. Hosts also discussed their knowledge and information about local services and activities in the Leith area and beyond.

A survey was carried out by the conversation cafes to capture participants thoughts and views on the service. Results from the surveys demonstrate that the projects are a success, with nearly 70% feeling less isolated and over 70% feeling positive and more connected to the community.

Travis Perkins Managed Services are delighted with the successful completion of both projects. Feedback received from surveys carried out showed the impact it has had on participants using the services. TPMS helps to support breaking down barriers to social inclusion in local communities and beyond.

We are proud to have played our part in funding the projects and look forward to another year of community investments.

For social value community investment enquiries with TPMS, or to learn more about our supply chain and procurement solutions, call 0800 169 2200 or email