Supporting your communities

We know that across the country amazing work is happening amongst many small community groups.

These groups work relentlessly to improve the lives of others in their local area and we think they deserve to be recognised. That is why we have developed the My Community Awards to celebrate these fantastic initiatives and recognise the people who make it all possible.

There are 6 categories on this year’s awards.
They reflect our values and the values of our customers; to encourage sustainable communities which are vibrant, healthy, safe and where individuals thrive.

Read more about the categories below

Group awards

Do you know or work with a community group who deserves recognition in one of these categories…

Employment and Education Award

Community group who demonstrates the best support towards employment and education opportunities in their communities.

Community Involvement Award

Community group who demonstrates the best contribution to community involvement and engagement.

Environmental Stability Award

Community group who demonstrates the best promotion of environmental sustainability and reducing negative environmental impacts in their communities.

Social Progress and Equality Award

Community group who demonstrates the best effort in supporting individuals in their communities facing the greatest need to tackle social deprivation.

... if yes, then nominate them now!

Individual awards

Community Hero Award

We know that there are amazing people across the country that work tirelessly to support their local communities and those most in need. Do you know anyone within your community who is continually committing their time and efforts to fundraising, volunteering or campaigning? If so, why don’t you nominate them for the Community Hero Award? We would love to recognise them and importantly support you to deliver a great big thank you for all that they do!

Know anyone that fits the Community Hero title? Then nominate them now!

Young Community Hero Award

We recognise that sometimes big heros come in small packages, this is why we have created the Young Community Hero awards for anyone under the age of 18. Is there a young person in your community who deserves some recognition for the work they do? Maybe they dedicate their school holidays to volunteering or have overcome adversity to really make a difference in their local areas. If so then nominate them for the Young Community Hero award and let us help you say thank you for being the superstars that they are!

Nominate your young community hero now!

Each of the four community group winners will receive £5,000 towards their project, and each individual community hero winner will receive high street vouchers. We are looking forward to honouring all winners at our Awards Night in Northampton on 27th September.

Nominations are open from 1 May 2018 to 31 July 2018. It couldn’t be easier to enter, just complete the entry form below and tell us a bit about the project. You can nominate your own project, an individual or a community group you know and love.

Nominations have now closed. Check back soon to see who the winners are.