TPgo - Solutions for a smarter, more productive workforce.

TP Managed Services continuously create innovative solutions to assist our customers. Supporting you to optimise workforce efficiencies, and deliver a better service to your tenants.

Our NEW TPgo range responds to our customers needs providing leading field based solutions; Harnessing innovative technology, TPgo transforms the traditional role of a builders merchant and revolutionises materials management.


The app

TPgo Order is a single channel through which all orders can be made with Travis Perkins Managed Services to allow greater visibility, accountability and productivity of your workforce.

The Operative app

The app gives your operatives visibility of the availability of their mandated range of products at your local Travis Perkins branch. Special features allow them to click and collect or place an order for delivery in a few simple steps.

The Back Office Portal

Your online portal, connected to the app, allows your back office team to track who has ordered what, when it will be available and it's current order status.

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TPgo Data

TPgo Data transforms the way you access Management Information and Key Performance Indicators.
Designed with our customers at the forefront , we listened to what you need and expect from your analytics
TPgoData allows you to analyse your data at your convenience, giving you the autonomy to manipulate your information at every level.
Supporting your decision making and providing actionable insights when you need it

By moving away from static spreadsheets, we can provide you with data that automatically updates everyday allowing you to react to any situation right away.

  • Secure login for each user
  • Set bookmarks to customise your analysis
  • Dynamic filter options to fully personalise your business intelligence data
  • Control and visibility of your operatives purchases
  • Screen size automatically adjusts so you can view your data on multiple devices

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TPgo SelfServe

TPgo SelfServe is an innovative solution for customers that need access to materials in locations beyond the current TP Branch Network.

TPgo SelfServe is designed to make repairs and maintenance work more productive. Using a smart panel and RFID technology, we can convert a shipping container into an automated, smart unmanned store. Meaning your operatives always have access to the right materials, at the right time.

A TPgo SelfServe store can also help your organisation lower their carbon footprint and increase efficiencies by allowing operatives to stay in the local area, reducing miles travelled to traditional TP branches. The store can also be powered by photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, generating its own green energy.

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