We at Travis Perkins Managed Services are giving back to the community by helping to bridge the digital divide. Through our partnership with Cottsway, we have funded their “We are Digital” social value project. This community engagement initiative is aimed at giving older tenants valuable computer skills.

Cottsway and We are Digital worked together to provide a 6-week digital training course for digitally excluded tenants. The tenants were all over 45 and missed out on computer education at school. The community investment training course funded entirely by Travis Perkins Managed Services has given the 9 participants the confidence to make the digital switch! As businesses that help the community, we really see the value in giving these individuals the confidence to use computers and smartphones.

Vicky Paxford, Communities Manager for Cottsway said: “We are very grateful to Travis Perkins Managed Services for their generous contribution to Cottsway’s “We Are Digital” training programme. This has helped 9 residents to access information and services online and to grow in confidence when using computers, tablets, and smartphones. Feedback from the course has been very positive, with huge improvements in the attendees’ understanding of using computers for email, job search and benefit services. We have also been very pleased to see that our customers who attended the course are now accessing our own services online more than twice as often as before. This supports us in our drive for digital transformation and will ensure our residents are able to access the services they need, where and when they need them.”

Travis Perkins Managed Services, leaders in MRO supply chain solutions and building procurement strategies, are dedicated in giving back to the community. Get in touch to find out more by calling 0800 169 2200 or email managedservices@travisperkins.co.uk.