A dedicated apprenticeship centre to attract and train tradespeople of the future has been established by Sovereign Housing Association. Through our partnership, Travis Perkins Managed Services have equipped fifteen of Sovereign’s new apprentices with their first tool kits, ready to hit the ground running.

Sovereign Housing Association own or manage nearly 60,000 homes – which are looked after by their dedicated tradespeople with the support of supply chain partner Travis Perkins Managed Services. Sovereign have found that finding the right people to fill positions in the wide range of trades required, from plumbers to engineers, carpenters to painter-decorators can be challenging.

With predicted growth in the number of homes looked after by Sovereign, the housing association is increasing their teams and working to ‘grow their own’ tradespeople too through their dedicated apprenticeship centre. Sovereign’s apprenticeship programmes do not only target new apprentices, but also ‘improvers’ – people with transferable life skills and other qualifications looking for a new challenge or career path.

We understand that for apprentices, purchasing their first tool kit can be an expense, and we are pleased to provide each new apprentice and ‘improver’ with a tool kit worth over £300. Kits include an array of high quality tools that will be required within their apprenticeship and future career, from screwdrivers and hammers to hand planes and drills.

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